Rajasthan Musical Instruments


Sarangi, (a traditional chordophonic instrument) which. is available in various ranges is one of the most commonly used folk instruments. The Sindhi Sarangi, Gujaratan Jogia, Surinda and Chikara belong to this family. Flutes are also very popular in Rajasthani folk music. One of them is Peli, which is a short flute, Ratwai another of this family is used for a high pitch. AIogza which is frequently used in the desert regions is a combination of two flutes played simultaneously at high pitch:

Membranophonic instruments, which lend rhythm to any music, come in various forms and shapes in this part. Among the twin-faced group in this category is the Maadal, made of baked clay giving a booming sound. The others include Damru and the ubiquitous Dhol. The daf, the Chang and the Khanjdi form the second group—single faced and shallow rimmed but used to devastating effect. The other popular instruments include Dhonsa and Damama (big single drums) and the Matkas, which are pairs of big earthen pots, their mouths covered by membrane. Last but not the least, autophonic instruments like the bells, Ghanti or Ghanta and ankle bells - Ghunghroos - of various types are widely used in folk dances. The Bhopas of Bherunji wear large Ghunghroos around their waists and shake their bodies to produce rhythmic sounds.