Folk Music and Dances-Magical Rhythm

Folk Music and Dances-Magical Rhythm

Rajasthan, a land soaked with myriad sun burst colours, is a rainbow within your reach. Like the people of this exotic state, rugged, chivalrous and with a taste for iridescent costumes, there is an. exuberance of spirit in the folk music and dances of this region. Each season has its songs, ceremonies and rites and every festival is an occasion for this artistic expression.

The richness and diversity of this aspect of its heritage can be traced to a long and comparatively undisturbed tradition, feudal patronage and interaction with neighbouring cultural zones.

The folk songs of Rajasthan capture every mood, the pain of separation, the joy of togetherness, the changing moods of nature and the simple joys and sorrows of every day life. Many Of these songs are sung exclusively by women folk while men join particularly in devotional and festive songs.

The fairs and festivals unleash a riot of song, dance and colour. Gangaur, the festival of fertility, and Teej, the festival of reunion, celebrating the advent of monsoon are the major festivals of song and dance for women. Holi, the festival of colours, sees the men out on the streets with their Changs and Ohamal songs. Children have their own songs which inter alia include Saanjhi and Ghudla.

Songs of love and romance are also popular. The Peepli and Nihalde implore the loved one not to leave or to return early. Group singing is another aspect; the Jikri, Kanhaiyya, I-Ie/e-ka-Khyal and Barn Rasiya are closely allied to the tradition of poetry. Ceremonies like marriages and child-births also evoke their own particular brand of music. 'Simple musical instruments accompany these folk' and pastoral songs.