Rajasthan—A Kaleidoscope of colour and culture

Rajasthan. The most colourful region in India. Simply superb and splendid. An exotic land of valiance and chivalry. A land endowed with invincible forts, stately palaces and lustrous sand-dunes. Unending hilly ranges and serene lakes. The State represents an unusual diversity in all its forms—people, culture, customs, costumes, cuisine, dialects and habits.

Arts and Haidicrafts—Alluring Skills

Rajasthan, perhaps more than any other State in India, is a shopper's dream come true. Centuries-old skills in the traditional crafts continue to. produce some of the most exciting wares in the world. Tie-and-dye fabrics in vibrant colours. Fine block-printed muslins and silks. Wood and ivory carving. Lacquer and filigree work. Expertly cut precious stones.

Folk Music and Dances-Magical Rhythm

Rajasthan, a land soaked with myriad sun burst colours, is a rainbow within your reach. Like the people of this exotic state, rugged, chivalrous and with a taste for iridescent costumes, there is an. exuberance of spirit in the folk music and dances of this region. Each season has its songs, ceremonies and rites and every festival is an occasion for this artistic expression.

Musical Instruments

Sarangi, (a traditional chordophonic instrument) which. is available in various ranges is one of the most commonly used folk instruments. The Sindhi Sarangi, Gujaratan Jogia, Surinda and Chikara belong to this family. Flutes are also very popular in Rajasthani folk music. One of them is Peli, which is a short flute.

Folk Dance

Folk dances reflect the communion of native and human - beings through physical movements, gestures and various modes of expression. Forms of simple and unchoreographed dances are limitless.

Fairs and Festivals

Rajasthan is, no doubt, synonymous with celebrations. Because countless fairs and festivals packed with fun, frolic, enthusiasm, excitement, gaiety, rituals are observed twelve months of the year across this glorious State. And that is the reason why Rajasthan is called a colourful State.

Call of WiId

Rajasthan's beautiful forests and valleys are as famed as its desert. The Aravalli Range divides the desert in two. To the west "Maroodesh"-the desert land, to the east "the land where the yellow aonla blooms"—green, fertile, dotted with lakes, thickly wooded, and through which the beautiful river Chambal flows.