The traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand is highly nutritious, simple to prepare. Mathir and Til Laddus or Mandua Rotis are preferred, in summers, Dubkas with Chholia Rotis are most famous. Most of the community is pure vegetarian though a large no of people do have non veg dishes. Lamb fish & eggs are more common.

Gahat ki Daal

Gahat ki Daal ( called Kulath):

This is one of most common daal can be used for different dishes. Even you can make Parantha, You can grind and fry the paste and make a curry daal out of it. Very good for Kidney problems / infections.

Bhatwani ( grinded seeds of soybean)

Bhatwani ( grinded seeds of soybean):

This is also forbidden recipe and very much simple. Fry the seeds and grind it. Boiled with water and spices give an extraordinary taste.

Kandali ki Kapli

Kandali ki Kapli :

Very much nutritious and rare . Urtica dioica, often called common nettle, stinging nettle or nettle leaf, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae. Boil it and put some rice soup in it with spices.

Jhangora ki Kheer

Jhangora ki Kheer:

Called BARNYARD MILLET is one of rare seed which was very much common couple of years age. Very smooth which melt immediately and healthy as well. Boil with milk and put some sugar in it. Give an extraordinary taste.

Marcha ke Ladoo

Marcha ke Ladoo:

This plant can be found over 1500 M ASL. Very small seeds and very light in weight and digestion. You can make different dishes

Uttarakhand traditional food

Chainsoo :

Chainsoo is a delicacy of Garhwal and is prepared by using black gram dal. Normally due to the high protein content in this dal it is difficult to digest. However it is said that the bad effect gets nullified by roasting. Similar preparation with slight variation is made out of black bhat (a variety of soya bean), but in that case it is called bhatwani.

Uttarakhand traditional food

Bhangjeere ki Chatni:

A taste Sour Chutney prepared with roasted Bhang seeds (Hemp Seeds) and cumin seeds ( jeera ), mixed with Lemon juice.

Uttarakhand traditional food

Kaapuli :

Kafuli is a thick gravy preparation made from green leafy vegetables. Kafuli made of spinach leaves is the most common preparation.

Uttarakhand traditional food

Phaanu :

Phaanu is also made of dals (lentils) like chainsoo, but in this case the dals are soaked in water for about 4 to 6 hours before its use. A different variety of dals like-gahat, arhar or green mung can be used to prepare phaanu.

Uttarakhand traditional food

Til ki Chatni:

Grinded paste of sesame seeds fried + Lime + green chilly + Garlic + Ginger + Coriander will give you an unforgettable taste for your pakoras and even having dry fish and paranthas.

Uttarakhand traditional food


A very appetizing and highly nutritious dish made from a mixture of dals. It is very nutritious as it consists of a mixture of various pulses (great source of protein and iron as it is cooked in an iron vessl). It is typically eaten in winters along with steamed rice and bhang ki chutney

Uttarakhand traditional food

Manduwa Ki Roti:

Delicious and nutritious Chapattis made from Madua, a local cereal. Also know ( Choone ki Roti )