Get to Know Himachal Pradesh :

Capital : Shimla

Location : Northern India

Language : Hindi, Punjabi, Pahari, Kanashi

Altitude above Sea Level : 350 m to 6975 m

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The word “Himachal Pradesh” comes from the Sanskrit word “Hima” which means “Snow”. And also the literal meaning of the State’s name is in the lap of Himalayas.Himachal, also known in the ancient scriptures as Dev Bhoomi - the Land of Gods, is a place of immense natural beauty and spiritual calm. Primarily a mountain country, Himachal is endowed with cool and clear lakes, lofty mountains, ancient and beautiful temples and of course people who are as innocent as nature itself.The state is landlocked with the Tibetan plateau to the east, Jammu and Kashmir to the north, and the Punjab to the west.The shadowy valleys, rugged crags, glaciers and gigantic pines and roaring rivers and exquisite flora and fauna compose the symphony that is for ever Himachal.From vast tracts of high-altitude Trans-Himalayan desert to dense green deodar forests, from apple orchards to cultivated terraces, from snow capped high Himalayan mountain ranges to snow fed lakes and gushing rivers.

Best Time to visit in Himachal Pradesh

As far as the best time to visit the state is concerned, you can visit in any weather condition. The snow state where greenery has no limit, Himachal Pradesh is an timeless beauty place to visit. Choice is yours as the state is perfect for freaking summers, chilling winters climate that leftoversrelaxingyearlong in Himachal Pradesh.Here is the description to explore Himachal Pradesh tourism

Summer Time - March to June (but pleasant weather where you will fee away from hot of field area)

Winter Vacations to Enjoy in Himachal Pradesh October to February

Rainy Season - July to September

Snow falls can be spot all through winters and in the preliminary of rainy seasons.

Weather in Himachal :

Dec- Feb: Winter is very cold and Himachal witnesses frequent heavy snowfall at various cities and towns.

Mar – May: In spring the chills beat a retreat and the skies open up to a bright blue. Wonderful flowers blossom and cover up the hills and meadows of Himachal.

June – Aug: In summer, Himachal is the coolest destination to escape the scalding city heat. The landscape become green and fresh and the streams swell up with sparkling water.

Sep – Nov: While with autumn, Himachal sees a color riot as the trees turn into a golden-crimson shade all set to give a warm welcome to approaching winter. You may choose anytime of the year, you will take back great memories in this holiday destination for all four seasons.