Chittaurgarh (City of Pride and Honor)

Chittaurgarh Rajasthan

The most romantic name in Rajasthan is Chittaur. Chittaur is more than a ruined citadel; it is a symbol. It stands for all that was brave, true- and noble in the Rajput tradition. Chittaur was the ancient capital of Mewar State which was ruled by the Sisodia Rajputs. The maharajas of Mewar trace their ancestry through Shri Rama, King of Ayodhya to the Sun god and belong to the Suryavansh dynasty.

Chittaur was sacked three times, and on each occasion the Jauhar was' performed. The first was in 1303 when Allauddin Khilji, Sultan Of Delhi coveted the famous Rajput beauty Rani Padmini 'whose face he had seen reflecting in a mirror. Padmini led the Jauhar rather than submit to dishonour. The second was in 1533 when the Sultan of Gujarat attacked Bikramjeet of Chittaur. Rani Karnavati, a Bundi princess, led the Jauhar in which many women and children perished. Her own infant son, Udai Singh, was smuggled out, and he lived to inherit the throne of Chittaur. But his traumatic childhood had taught him that discretion was certainly to be preferred to valour. So when in 1567, Moghul Emperor Akbar besieged Chittaur, Udai Singh escaped leaving its defence to two sixteen-year old heroes, Jaimal of Bednore and Patta of Kelwa. They died in true Rajput tradition after the Jauhar had been proclaimed and Akbar, taking no chances, razed the Fort to rubble.

Chittaur was never inhabited again. But it remained the dream—or rather the Holy Grail—of the Rajputs. Udai Singh built his new capital in Udaipur—a beautiful lake city which still flourishes. But his son Rana Pratap could not forget that it was Udai who had lost Chittaur.

What to see

The fort

It is guarded by seven gates, three of which are dedicated to the heroes who died in the defence of this Fort. Other places of interest are Banvir's Wall, the treasury and a Jain temple.

Palace of Rana Kumbha

It is said that in its underground vaults, Queen Padmini performed Jauhar during Allauddin Khilji's attack and it was here that Mira Bai abandoned royal life to become a devotee of Lord Krishna.

Sat-Bees Dewara

A group of twenty-seven Jain temples clustered together on the rise of a small hill.

Srinagar Chauti

An abundantly carved Jain temple.

Mirahai's Temple

Built in the indo-Aryan style on a raised plinth, it has a conical roof and an inner sanctum. An open colonnade around the sanctum has four small pavilions in each corner. Princess Mirabai used to worship Lord Krishna here.

Vijaya Stámbha or Tower of Victory

Rising to a height of 40 metres, this elaborately carved nine-storeyed victory pillar commemorates Rana Kumbha's victory over the Sultan of Malwa in 1440. The monument survives as a magnificent symbol of conquest. The Mahasati cremation ground (south west of the Vijai Stambha) marks the second siege of Chittaur.

Kirti Stambha or Pillar of Fame

It is dedicated to Adinath, the first of the Jain saints. The seven-storeyed tower is 23 metres high and decorated with friezes.

Shiva Temple

A 13th century Shiva temple, south of the Pillar of Fame.

Padmini's Palace

The palace of one of the most beautiful women of Rajput history, the wife of Rana Ratan Singh of Chittaur. According to legend, her beauty incited Allauddin Khilji to attack Chittaur. When Chittaur fell, Padmini along with other Rajput women, immolated herself in underground funeral pyres termed as Jauhar in local dilect.

Kalka Mata Temple

It was originally an 8th century Sun temple which preserves a carving of the Sun god over its entrance.

Palace of Patta

The palace of one of the. noblest heroes of Chittaur who died during the Mughal conquest of the Fort, accompanied by his bride and mother.

General Information
Area : 6.5 sq km
Altitude : 408 metres
Climate Summer : 43.8C
Climate Winter : 28.3C
Rainfall : 60 cm
Best Season : September-March
Clothing Summer : Light Tropical
Clothing Winter : Woollen
Languages : English, Hindi, Rajasthani
Local Transport : Unmetered taxis, auto-rickshaws,cycle-rickshaws and tongas

Travel Information

How to get there

Air : Udaipur 112 km is the nearest airport.

Rail: By train, Chittaurgarh is connected to Ajmer, Jaipur, Alwar, Delhi, Bundi, Kota, Udaipur and Ahmedabad among other cities.

Road :Bus services operate to several important destinations. Delhi and Mount Abu are 583 km and 297 km away respectively:


Wooden toys made in Bessi village near Chittaurgarh are very popular. The main areas include Sadar Bazar, Rana Sanga Market, New Cloth Market, Fort Road Market, Gandhi Chowk, Station Circle.

Other Useful Information

STD Code


Banks/Money Changers

State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, near Collectorate Tel 40933; Bank of Baroda, City Branch Tel 198; Punjab National Bank, near Panna Tourist Bungalow Tel 3175; State Bank of India, Meera Market, City Road Tel 40902t-Bank of Rajasthan, Fort Road Tel 2904; Chittaur Kendriya Bank, St. Road Tel 40909

Post & Telegraph Offices

General Post Office, Sree Gurukul Road Tel 41159. There are several smaller, post offices in other areas of the town.


Officers, Lion's, Rotary, Jaycees, and lnnerwheel

Photo Studios

Aggarwal Photo Studio, New Indra Market; Suhalka Studio, Fort Road; Kiran Studio, Fort Road; Aggarwal Art Studio, Meera Market; New Agarwal Studio, Station Road.

Conducted Tours

RTDC operates two sightseeing tours, accompanied by guides from RTDC Hotel Panna Tel 3238. The first is from 8 am to 11 am and the second from 3 pm to 6 pm. Each costs Rs 25 per head. The tours cover Chittaurgarh Fort, the View Paint, Top Khana, Srinsar Chauri, Rana Kumbha Palace, Govt. Museum, Satbeer Deori, Meera Temple, Victory Tower, Kalika Temple, Padmini's Palace, the Deer Park, Suraj Pol, Tower of Fame, B4nmata Temple and the Palace of Rana Ratan Singh.


Approved guides (with identity cards and arm-bands) of the Central Archaeological Department (Tel 40977) Rajasthan Tourism (Tel 41089) are available A tour starting and terminating at the Railway Station, covering the Fort and other important areas, totals 21 km

Sports Activities

Fishing - Bassi Lake, Gambhiri Dam, Gosunda Dam, Matrikundiya Dam (Meza Bandh)


General Hospital, Collectorate Circle; Aditya iVlospital, New Indra Market; Kothari Clinic, near General Hospital; Ladha Clinic, Meera Nagari; Dashora Clinic, Udaipur Road; Jainam Hospital, City Road.

Important Telephone Numbers

Police Tel 41060

Ambulance Tel 4110

Fire Brigade Tel 41101

Tourist Information Tel 41089

Post & Telegraph Office Tel 41159